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8 bit pixelart – Frank Fangelsi’s Dog

  • 8 bit pixelart – Frank Fangelsi’s Dog
Type : just WERTING - free appraised value by visitors
Date : 11. April 2020
Condition : Don't know
Location : Schatzwert Artist Library

Strange 8bitart. Frank Fangelsi and Marta Malliberejo live in  1980-like videogames. However, one does not enter that 8bitgames by playing an old Atari, C64 or Dos-PC, but in “playable dreams” that one enters by starring at the “Anmutungscompass” at night. Depending on how to stare at the Anmutungscompass certain pre-lucid dreaming states are activated in order to download the 1980s retrogames into the very dream. It is interesting that both the surname of Frank (Fangelsi, Icelandic ) and the surname of Marta (Malliberejo, Esperanto) mean “prison” or “being in prison”. The “feeling of There-is-more-nostalgia” in the retrogame / 8bit context makes this cartoon the strangest there is. Displayed at that art-print is the dog that belongs to Frank Fangelsi. What is the poster worth?



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