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Charles-François Daubigny – Sluice in the Optevoz Valley – misprint

  • Charles-François Daubigny – Sluice in the Optevoz Valley – misprint
Type : just WERTING - free appraised value by visitors
Date : 30. July 2021
Condition : Don't know
Location : A taverneum only I know

She said that the original oil on canvas paiting by Charles-François Daubigny called Sluice in the Optevoz Valley might be in the Museum of Fine Arts.  However, in her pub, there is a very special version of art print. She says it might be an error print or misprint, something I rather know from coins or postal stamps. She says something in the colouring is different to all other images. Although she is not selling the work of art, she asked me what the value, the wert, of this Daubigny might be. I said, I was not a werter myself, but I have a schatzwert profile, which I want use now, to ask appraisers online, what might provided she is right with the Daubigny error misprint thing, be this very work of fine art worth. The french painter Charles-François Daubigny is viewed as an essential forerunner of impressionism. He was part of the Barbizon school.



Thanks very lot, Antique Ralf



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