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Corona prophecy

  • Corona prophecy
  • Corona prophecy
  • Corona prophecy
  • Corona prophecy
Type : just WERTING - free appraised value by visitors
Date : 31. July 2020
Location : 07554 Gera , Kastanienallee 39

It’s almost “creepy”. I had painted these 2 acrylic pictures before 2010, they were also current ones. I have no idea why I created the paintings that way back then. I am a professional musician, not a painter. I just started to paint spontaneously, in the end, I didn’t know what the work of art might represent. Since then the paintings have been hanging in my apartment, hardly noticed. Until now! Over 10 years later Corona determines our everyday life, we musicians are not allowed to perform, ie. no appearances for a very long time. If I look at both pictures now, they suddenly make sense. The first picture shows the course of the pandemic from left to right. The global spread (red dots arranged in a circle). Lines can be seen from the center, which can alternate between blocking and easing. I don’t believe in prophecies, but I’m still cold on my back. What do you see?



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