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Expressionism? Fantastic realism?

  • Expressionism? Fantastic realism?
Type : something else
Date : 20. November 2020
Condition : Don't know
Location : Taverneum unknown

Art lovers listen: Who painted this picture? Which art style is it? Is it Expressionism, Impressionism, Fantastic Realism, or something else? Many thanks for the answer. Find the Taverneum: The picture is hanging in a restaurant (currently, this publication cannot be entered due to lockdown) but you can revisit this painting later. The owner of the restaurant says but. “You have to find out for yourself which restaurant it hangs in”. Maybe there will be a beer if you can find it 🙂


In short:

Painting: art style unknown to me

Painter: artist unknown to me

Taverneum: Not even I know in which restaurant, that work of art can be seen. (I got the picture sent to me)


I don’t need a werting for now.



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