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Salvador Dalí unknown painting or no Dali at all?

  • Salvador Dalí unknown painting or no Dali at all?
Type : something else
Date : 22. April 2021
Condition : Don't know
Location : swap meet

It looks to me like a Dalí, Magritte,… but I am somewhat in antique furniture and sightseeing artefacts.

Is the painting from a Hungarian art swap meet a Salvador Dalí?

The flea market photo was sent to me. I hope you can see a lot.

Or is it a painting by another famous surrealist like René Magritte?

How do I know if it’s an art print? It’s probably not the original oil on canvas.

The flea market seller said he wasn’t sure if it was a Salvador Dalí or not.

In the case of a Dali, I am not interested in the value as it is undoubtedly an art print.

I would be interested in how you can tell whether it is Salvadore Dali or René Magritte.


Signature: none

Painting: probably print

Style: surrealism

Title: unknown to me

Size: 12×9 inches

Sent from: Twitter contact.




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