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Thirty-Six Poetic Immortals

  • Thirty-Six Poetic Immortals
Type : exhibited at
Date : 25. May 2021
Condition : Don't know
Location : Rinpa Exhibition and Japanese Art

Source: Japanese Art

Thirty-Six Poetic Immortals credited to Tatebayashi Kagei 立林何帠

(Japanese, the mid-1700s)

Kind of artwork: Two-fold screen; ink, colour, and gold on paper

What Exhibition/museum shows Thirty-Six Poetic Immortals

Rinpa: Japanese Art Gallery 235 A Rotation – April 2021-October 2021


Fujiwara no Kintō composed fine examples by the most celebrated writers of 31-syllable poems (waka) from the 600s to the 1000s. Artists soon made these “thirty-six poetic immortals” a favourite topic when it came to art.



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