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Wright of Derby: What is the name of this painting

  • Wright of Derby: What is the name of this painting
Type : something else
Date : 1. April 2021
Condition : Used
Location : A friend's Taverneum

This picture shows a forge where the glowing iron block is the only source of light. This fact gives the work of art a unique aura. Joseph Wright of Derby was known for experimenting with light sources. He would have been a great photographer if he hadn’t lived in the 18th century. This work is probably an art print, and the scribble, despite the owner’s disappointment, is not a signature but rather transport damage. I don’t want to know the value of the print or the original. The owner does not want to auction or sell the work of art. It serves as an ornament to his Tarverneum. We would only be interested in the title of this Wright of Derby work of art, please. Many Thanks



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