YVELINE – PARIS Portrait Napoleon François Charles Joseph


Type : exhibited at
Date : 9. August 2021
Location : YVELINE

“Portrait of the little king of Rome”


This painting is oil on canvas with a frame of walnut.

The artwork is free from restoration, and no repainting was done.

From the portrait of the child, Eagle emerges an incredible softness. Still, the veil of melancholy reflected by his large eyes already announces his life.


In 1900, the author Edmond Rostand respected him by making him the central role of a play named L’Aiglon. It is under that label that posterity has recalled the swift passage on earth of this young man who said of himself: “My birth and my death, that is my whole story. Between my cradle and my grave, there is a large zero”. Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Austria had one son, Napoleon François Charles Joseph, his nickname “The Little King of Rome”.

He had a sad and memorable life. After a few more peaceful years in exile at the Austrian court, he died of tuberculosis at the very young age of 21.

Artstyle: Italian school Epoche: Early XIX century.

Source: yveline-antiquites.com


I recommend visiting the gallery in Saint Germain des Prés

In 1954, Yveline opened her antique shop in Furstemberg Square, and for decades she assembled furniture pictures and rarities, all happy to continue their lives with her. Yveline has become the foundation of Saint Germain des Prés, and family history.



4, rue de Furstemberg

75006 Paris



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