Gemälde Öldruck / Farbenlichtdruck Künstler: Hans Zatzka Schlafzimmerbild 65 cm x 132 cm Painting oil print / color coll...

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  • Alter Ritterweg 17, 32425 Minden
17. December 2021

I am not sure wheter he is called Kasimir Malevic or Kasimir Malevich. Can you tell you tell me how to spell him correctly? Thanks

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19. October 2021

Making Tortillas 1926 by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera as a limited print taken from the original oil painting has bee...

  • Zurich Taverneum
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19. October 2021

Hi there, I found this picture as part of a household liquidation of a relative. Obviously signed by hand No. 8/100 The ...

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8. September 2021

Not in the taverneum of my friend but in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, in Indiana, USA you will find the original pain...

  • Mate's Taverneum
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6. August 2021

She said that the original oil on canvas paiting by Charles-François Daubigny called Sluice in the Optevoz Valley might ...

  • A taverneum only I know
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30. July 2021

Ernst Hilger Galerie in Vienna, there are art prints, sculptures and other interesting work of art by Ernst Hilger

  • Enst Hilger gallery
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22. June 2021

Estimated that it’s about 100 years old. Art print of holy Mary in black and white. The frame has little woodworm damages.

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30. May 2021