probably very old figure, does anyone have any idea where this might come from? vermutlich sehr alte Figur, hat irgendje...

  • 75236 Kämpfelbach
27. November 2021

Very old precious stone sculpture with proof that its ancient (Rusty metal) made by precious gemstones Proof -> ancient ...

  • 621498683

  • Luxemburg
  • ConditionUsed
20. October 2021

Chainsaw made animals, cow and pig, made from wood. What do you think of the wooden sculptures? What is the sculpturer called?

  • non exhibited
  • ConditionDon't know
19. October 2021

I have this kruzifix of with Jesus on it and i wanna know what its worth.   May someone help me?    

  • Germany
  • ConditionDon't know
6. September 2021

Under the statue is a name, hard to read. J. Kluifle oder Klaufle hight 20 cm Wide 11 cm White keramic with black lines and points and green flakes

  • +4915782201781

  • Germany Cologne
  • ConditionUsed
18. August 2021

Who is the artist behind this bird sculpture? Do you know this one or similar artists? What museum or taverneum do you r...

  • actually I am asking for taverneums ans museums
  • ConditionDon't know
29. July 2021

I would like to estimate the value of a 35 year old rocking horse and offer it for sale.It comes from Thailand is solid ...

  • nowhere, at home
  • ConditionUsed
14. July 2021

I do like this sculpture by Enst Hilger. I have seen it when I was on my trip in Vienna, in the Enst Hilger Gallery. The...

  • Enst Hilger gallery
  • ConditionDon't know
13. June 2021

Cesare Lapini (Italienisch, 1848–1893). Atemberaubende Marmorskulptur eine Dame vom Jahr 1888 mit Rahmen in Bronze. Die ...

  • Unwichtig
  • ConditionUsed
10. June 2021

Source: Reykjavík Art Museum Title of the work of art: Eternal Recurrence-Life under the Glacier Name o...

  • Reykjavík Art Museum
  • ConditionDon't know
26. May 2021