Promote  Antique Store or Museum or get evaluations?


Promote your art museum, present your antique store to real Schatzwerters.

*Taverneum – Tavern (Micro) Museum, is the part pubs, inns, hotels and so forth, where art, antiques, and other exhibits are displayed

Why can we offer a free service with Schatzwert?

Private individuals, collectors and museums can have their art and antiques valued by other users at Schatzwert, 100% free of charge.

Museums, taverneums and collectors can also present their art
100% free of charge at Schatzwert.
Why is that possible?

We can offer the Schatzwert-service for free
because our hosting and labour costs are Ad-funded


Schatzwert is a werting platform.
Why should I promote my antique or art shop here?
Why should I present my museum (and up to 300 objects) on the website?

Because people Werting art are people who live art!
Antique jewellery, Biedermeier, Art Nouveau, baroque furniture, oil paintings, modern art, old coins, postage stamps, valuable sculptures and much more are posted and valued (werted) by our users.