Appraisal of coins by A.Sonne

Coins are similar to precious metals. If they are made of precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum, then the price depends on the weight and the daily price of the precious metals. The ideal value that such coins have is usually not valued. For example, the Krugerrand is traded on the stock exchange with its very own value. All other coins should above all be old and minted before the 20th century so that they have a certain value. All younger coins are only measured according to their material value, older ones can also reach a collector’s value, the older and rarer the coin, the better. If you now have a collection that is still very young, you should consider not keeping it for a few more years so that it becomes more valuable. Of course, the coins can also be photographed individually and placed on our website Other members of our site are always happy to rate the items posted. Polished plate (PP) and mirror gloss. Refer to the production of the coin, whereas hand-lifted (hdg.), Stamped gloss (stgl.), Uncirculated (unc), almost uncirculated mint fresh. Excellent, beautiful, and very beautiful are among the degrees of conservation. Low, moderate, good, and very well preserved, each represents a degree of conservation.