Elizaveta Pugacheva

Instagram: /lizplease.art/

Elizaveta Pugacheva is an artist living and working in Saint- Petersburg, Russia. Elizaveta studied oil painting and drawing at the Art School in Siberia, where she spent her childhood. Therefore, Siberian nature is one of her main artistic inspirations. Elizaveta became a full-time artist and a member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia when she moved to Saint Petersburg. Her paintings capture the urban landscape and nature of the Leningrad Region and Karelia, showing their mystery and cold mood.

A new period in her work started with travelling. India, Turkey and Africa became a new
source of inspiration and made Elizaveta think about Climate change. She found her unique style in abstract paintings where she started to use mixed media combining acrylic, oil, oil pastel, and appliqués. Her works highlight Global Warming issues caused by human activity. Increased heat, drought, increased sea level, adverse impact on animals and other consequences of Global warming are depicted in her abstract paintings.

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