Free remote estimation and advertising

Remote Estimate – free advertising for jewellers, collectors and antique dealers


Estimated Value is a platform for modern and valuable antiques and other collectables that are valuable and very popular. If you know your way around the value of jewellery, old furniture, or other collectables, you have the option of the remote appraisal. With this remote estimate, you help the seller to quantify the value of his offered items. If you have submitted a remote estimate, you can place a free advertisement for your company. Use this service and submit a review for a product of your choice. You will then be activated for free advertising. It’s easy, and your products or services reach a large number of interested parties completely free of charge. The platform is not only suitable for jewellery and antique dealers, but also for operators and sellers at flea markets and collectors of valuable items. You can rate the unusual and the rare, but very expensive pieces are also offered. It pays to use the platform regularly because new pieces are always added.

Present valuables at an estimated value is a platform that you can use in several ways. You have the opportunity to present valuables to have their value appraised or to determine their origin. Alternatively, use the platform if you are looking for valuables and want to buy them for yourself or your trade. Estimated is easy to use. With a minimum of effort, you can reach a wide range of potential prospects. List antiques, clocks or valuable souvenirs for evaluation. Provide photos of your collector’s item and a description as detailed as possible. Often the owners of valuable antiques do not know what year the pieces come from or what material was used. This is often the case when the antiques are in the family’s estate and are now to be sold. The appraisal allows you to get information about your collector’s item. With the publication of your collector’s item at appraised value, you will reach a large circle of connoisseurs and benefit from quick knowledge of the value and origin of watches, pieces of jewellery, antiques and other valuables. When you’ve sold a collector’s item, you can remove it from the platform. You do not take any risks and not only gain quick insights into the value of your collector’s item, but you also find out whether there are interested parties for a possible sale.