Howard Sherman

Instagram: howard_sherman

Howard, the bombastic contemporary painter from Texas, is a true master of unique multi-style art with a special cartoonish magic.

Tearing The Paper With Fevered Hands Acrylic, Canvas, Spray Paint and Marker
70(v) x 60(h) inches 2022 – Source:

The large paintings relieve the massive physicality within Sherman’s work while leaving space for his keen sense of proper resolution. The furious and athletic heft of the artwork is balanced with measured precision and thoughtful integration of several art historical styles. Sherman has been in many solo galleries across the United States. His fans in Texas, New York, California, Florida, India, Spain and Peru could enjoy his work in great exhibitions. Howard Sherman lives and works in New York City and Houston.

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Embarrassing Pictures Have Been Deleted
Acrylic, Canvas, Charcoal, Spray Paint and Marker
70(v) x 60(h) inches 2022 * private colection – Source:
Trigger Warning At The Top Of The Syllabus
Acrylic, Marker and Canvas 91(vertical)x70(horizontal)x2 inches 2017 – Source:
What It Feels Like Inside The Sun – Acrylic, oil, marker, spray paint and charcoal on acid-free paper
75(v) x 57(h) inches 2021 – Source: