What kind of jewelry is there?

As body jewelry, ribbons (bracelets) rings, badges (brooches), pendants, and chains mostly made of precious metal. Silver or gold chains often had pendants with gemstones or pearls, even in ancient times. Even the Romans wore noble belt buckles as jewelry to symbolize the status. Minerals and gemstones that are processed in jewelry include cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amber, aquamarine, amethysts (and other quartz varieties), and many more gemstones that can be processed. Cultured pearls are also processed in a similar way to gemstones. Meteorites, i.e. treasures from space, also have a large circle of friends. Valuable jewelry is usually made from precious metals such as gold (white gold, rose gold) as well as silver or platinum. Depending on the occasion, we also speak of a funeral, christening, and bridal jewelry. Not to forget bindis, piercings, and costume jewelry.

Estimate and Assess – How Do I?

Determine the value of precious metal from jewelry: Look for the gold hallmarks with a magnifying glass, hallmarks on gold jewelry are usually somewhat inconspicuous. This also applies to platinum and silver punches. Jewelry sorted by hallmarks should now be weighed (kitchen scales) and entered in online precious metal calculators. For gold, for example, the calculator on Goldankauf123.at, goldrechner.net … For gemstones, the estimation becomes more difficult, since purity and cut cannot be measured very easily without professional experience. The historical context that affects the value of the entire piece of jewelry is also a more complex task to ascertain. Comparisons with items of jewelry of the same or very similar type offered for sale as well as the help of jewelers are recommended.