Old-timers and classics
Estimate and let estimate. Cars, ships, motorcycles, locomotives, tractors, and planes that have reached a certain age depending on the classification are referred to as classic cars in this country. Having these vehicles (far away) estimated and roughly determining the value of classic cars is an interesting challenge. I want to have my old car valued …

Assess and appreciate classic cars
Are all original parts available? What is the condition of the classic car? What age and brand is the vehicle? These are questions that appraisers and estimators ask themselves. The most expensive classic cars include, among other street treasures, the Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe 1931 (worth over $ 9 million), the Düsenberg J Coupe 1931 (worth over $ 10 million), Ford GT40 Guld / Mirage 1968 ($ 11 million) Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1957 ($ 16.4 million) and the Mercedes-Benz W196 1954 (worth $ 29.7 million). Current value according to auction, research status.

A few tips for car fans:

For photos of the vehicle: make the license plate and the surrounding area unrecognizable to ensure security against theft

Certify classic cars as “historic vehicles”: The approval authority issues the reference “historic vehicle” in the registration certificate or type certificate provided that the originality and factors for the preservability have been confirmed. Ask authority.