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Not every porcelain vase is worth 50 million euros, like the one from the Qianlong era that was auctioned in London. Your fragile valuables could still be precious.

Porcelain and ceramics
by A.Sonne

The porcelain and ceramics that you find when tidying up are not always valuable. Even if it is old, it does not mean that it also has a high estimate. Every good porcelain and ceramic goods, which are from well-known manufacturers, have their own printed brand image under the plate, the cup, etc. .. But now you should not cheer because you have found a cup of a certain brand. Because unfortunately this alone is not worth that much. It is best if a whole, complete set of dishes has been found. Collector catalogs can help determine the value because it determines exactly which manufacturers of porcelain and ceramics have which value. Age does not always matter, the completeness and integrity of the dishes are also important. Because even if the cup is still so old, it has a crack and is no longer worth anything. Well-known manufacturers include, for example, Arzberg, Thomas, or Villeroy & Boch. If you want to be sure in advance, the porcelain should be photographed and set with manufacturer information at schatzwert.de. Other members of our website can then use their knowledge to estimate the pieces posted.