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Knight after a duel Ritter nach Zweikampf  

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  • Bayreuth
27. December 2021

Pencil drawings of my great, great grandpa.Has been in the family for generations. Maybe someone knows the value of this...

  • At Home
7. December 2021

Hello, I bought the beautiful piece at a flea market and wanted to know how much it is worth, unfortunately I don’t know...

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  • Schwedt
  • ConditionDon't know
21. October 2021

Who signed these two angels and what is the signed work worth? Can you tell me more about the artist?

  • donno
  • ConditionDon't know
8. October 2021

Drawings by Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Busch often only called Wilhelm Busch. What would the value of such drawing be, i...

  • non exhibited
  • ConditionDon't know
2. August 2021

Those beautiful trees, is it a drawing or is it graphic art? I don’t know whether the signature starts with a V. or a K....

  • not exhibited
  • ConditionDon't know
26. July 2021

These seem to be coloured drawings of flowers, floral art, floral painting  to say. The drawings have a signature, being...

  • non exhibited
  • ConditionDon't know
23. July 2021

Migrants – National Museum of Sweden – nationalmuseum.se Fritz von Dardel, John Panzio Tockson (c. 1838-1886), Charles X...

  • National Museum of Sweden
  • ConditionDon't know
15. May 2021

This drawing was found inside a wall. Who is the draftsman? I don’t know what the picture is called, but I call it “the ...

  • inside a wall
  • ConditionDon't know
18. April 2021

Wilhelm Busch, in my words, was in Germany what Walt Disney was in the USA and Uderzo in France, a great drawer of excel...

  • not
  • ConditionDon't know
13. April 2021