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A friend of mine has a lot of old records, both from Europe and America, Africa and Asia. He wants to know what record c...

  • Austria
14. April 2022

Operetta Highlights – White Horse Inn – Ralph Benatsky – Mask IN Blue – Fred Raymond – MGM – Authentic European Operetta...

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  • Museum
  • ConditionDon't know
2. June 2020

This art print shows a beautiful painting of the city of Verona. Bellotto has an almost photo-realistic painting style. ...

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  • Nostalgism Museum
  • ConditionUsed
2. June 2020

This record of the austrian artist Falco is a couple of decades in age. The cool thing is, that old record is originally...

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  • Wandermuseum Susanna
  • ConditionDon't know
1. June 2020

Lp album vinyl originally packed, about 40 years old. Could a Tchaikovsky knower give an estimate, regarding the value? thanks

  • Austria
  • ConditionDon't know
6. May 2020

Old German record in its original packaging Lale Andersen Lili Mareleen  “Blaue Nacht am Hafen” “Blue night at the port ...

  • private vinyl record collection EU
26. February 2020

What Beatle record is this? I haven’t found a title, neither at the vinyl nor at the package of the record. At the front...

  • art gallery Miami
  • ConditionNew
21. February 2020


Vinyl 1958 – The Cossacks record from 1958 – What is the record worth in their original packaging?

  • eu
29. October 2019