Stamps and letters

Both the preservation of the stamp and the catalog value form the basis for the evaluation.

The preservation includes, for example, mint never hinged stamps that have an undamaged original rubber. For brands with folds, the rubber is damaged by fold strips. Unused brands without original rubber are considered less valuable. When it comes to stamps (postmarks), for many collectors it is true that round stamps make the stamp more valuable, whereas wave stamps make the stamps inferior. First day stamps are often seen among stamp collectors, it is a postmark with the date coinciding with the stamp. It is also interesting whether stamps have errors and are damaged (perforation). Overprints, Numiscover letters, and stamp blocks are other interesting topics for collectors of letters and stamps. Mint never hinged stamps and old letters By A.Sonne Unfortunately, there are often “black sheep” among stamp buyers who do not pay and state the real value of the stamps. So if you have old letters in a stamp collection and mint never hinged – without postmarks – you can use a stamp catalog to find out for yourself how much the stamps are worth. First, the year and the origin of the stamp are determined, then you can search for categories in the catalog. A stamp address is also a good place to go, which is available in many cities. Members are happy to provide information on what the stamps on the letters with stamp and the mint never hinged stamps are worth. If you sell a stamp collection, you usually get a much smaller amount than the catalog actually values.