old wines – valuation

When it comes to guessing, think that “the older a wine is, the more valuable and expensive it is.” However, estimating wines and fires are much more complex. Various criteria play an equally important role in determining the value of wines. The bottle must be intact and the label undamaged. A level appropriate for the age and a securely closed, non-porous cork also influence the value determination. Wines from renowned winegrowers or small runs fetch top prices and are valued by collectors as well as for connoisseurs and wine connoisseurs alike. To realistically determine the current value for wine, the year of bottling plays an equally important role as the weather, which prevailed in the year of wine cultivation and which influenced the sweetness of the grapes. Wines from old monastery wineries are traded at the highest prices, as these are real rarities and can hardly be found anywhere in the world. Since a tasting to determine the value is excluded and the bottle remains closed, information about storage must be known to determine the condition.

Well-stored, very old wine in an undamaged and lying bottle with an optimal fill level has a very high value and is in high demand among collectors all over the world.


Estimate the value of perfume

What is fragrance water from expensive essences and famous names worth? The flower oils, flacon, age, brand are an important part of the value factors of perfumes. Especially selected perfume collections are particularly interesting for fragrance oil collectors. A bottle of the Clive Christian “Imperial Majesty Perfume” can even be worth over 200,000 euros.