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Wert Competition

Present valuables at an estimated value Competition

The comparison of the value of things is basically very exciting, as many philosophical questions and considerations can be linked to it. What exactly goes into what is called the “value” of a thing, when is it how valuable? There is a great fascination with some of the sums paid for purely utilitarian objects. The colourful Porsche of Janis Joplin, who died early, was just sold to the public with great attention. The buyer was willing to pay a full 1.6 million dollars for the somewhat morbid-looking Model 356 Convertible. A purchase price was thus achieved that was three times as high as had been forecast. Because of its nostalgic quality, is this colourful Porsche more valuable than something new and still without history, like a newly built property? Last year, at least in Berlin, a deal was struck that shook the image of the “affordable” Berlin. In a prime location, on Hausvogteiplatz in Berlin Mitte, an apartment of 260 square meters was brought to the new owner for the proud price of 5.7 million euros. This price corresponds to a square meter price of 22,000 euros! In the case of an advertisement, the Porsche and a cosy, centrally located home would “compete” against each other as a pure display object. Who is more valuable in the end?

Briefly about the person: My name is Bettina Klauert, I am very interested in the development and history of the city of Berlin, and of course in the development that the city is taking in terms of real estate.

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