A combination between the English term appraising and the German word Wert (worth), means new ways of online evaluations and remote value estimations. Werting usually is not as accurate as appraising but rather dialogue-like.

The difference between an appraisal and online VALUATION is that with the appraisal, the painting, work of art, antique or any other valuable item is thoroughly examined by an appraiser. WERTING takes place online and with few clues. You only see a few photos and a brief description of the valuable property. Therefore, the value is linked to conditions. If then! So if the antique is authentic and in good condition, the value could be anywhere from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000. The owner can then get an idea of the gross value for himself. To be sure about the final value of art or junk, you should consult an official appraiser.

Example for werting a painting

According to Art Expert Phil, this painting might have a value between 10000 – 20000 Dollars,
provided that it is signed. Or the worth of the artwork without a signature would be between 50 -100 Dollars.

The day is near when online werting will replace the professional appraisal.